What is the Best Strategy to Kill Bed Bugs in Your Home?

how to know if you have bed bugsBed bugs can be anywhere, just as they recently proved after invading an Oklahoma courthouse not once, but twice in the past 3 months.

Courthouse employees noticed an insect crawling on one of the courthouse visitors and they immediately recognized that it was a bed bug. Using a bed bug spray and spot treating the area where bed bugs were found, the courthouse then set about to reviewing the CCTV surveillance videos to see where the visitor and the hitchhiking bed bugs had been while on site that day.

If even bed bugs can get their day in court, they surely can find their way into your home just as easily.

Identifying and Isolating the Bed Bug Threat


Bedbugs are small, brown round nocturnal insects which hide anywhere there’s darkness and usually only come out for minutes at a time to find a meal between periods of public absence ranging from a week to a year. Bed bugs can go 52 weeks without eating, so they are prepared to wait it out and weight their options for dinner.

They usually hide in bed frames, box springs, mattresses, and sofas, but lately they have been turning up practically anywhere as the most effective pest control sprays were banned some 50 years ago worldwide due to harmful side effects to humans and pets.

The first and most important step is admitting that you have a bed bug problem, which one Iowa law now requires of landlords when a new tenant comes to sign a contract for renting a unit. While the costs may be borne by the landlord up front, officials say that this strategy is the best in the long run, and compels landlords and property owners to be more proactive in dealing with current and prior bed bug infestations.

Safe, Affordable, and Effective Bed Bug Treatment is Best

In a world of radiation exposure from 5g, allergic reactions to aluminum and bromide sprayed by stratospheric aerosol injections by airplanes, and growing vaccine dangers, it’s logically going to be best if you avoid dangerous insecticides and pesticides when it comes to finding a natural and safe bed bug killer.

Made of all-natural amorphous freshwater silica and approved by the EPA, the Defensive-End system uses only the best locally sourced type of diatoms with a very high success rate at getting rid of bed bugs.

How Prevalent Are Bed Bug Infestiations Worldwide?

Bed bug cases have been found to increase every year in the UK since 2006, with no sign of slowing down in the near future. Additionally, while dog bites make up a significant percentage of insurance claims filed, bed bugs are also being added to the list.

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