How to Get Rid of a Bedbug Infestation the Easy Way

bedbug infestation pictureThroughout the world, bed bugs are a growing problem. A majority of people with bed bug problems have no clue until the infestation becomes large. Most people think that bed bugs dwell in dirty places. In fact, these pests are not attracted to dirt; they are attracted to carbon dioxide, warmth, and blood. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you live in a small house or a mansion as bed bugs are likely to live anywhere as long as there’s food available to them.

Bed bugs can enter your home unnoticed through clothing, luggage, beds and couches and come out only when it is time to feed. They do not fly and won’t jump from the floor or ceiling to the bed, but they can move fast over walls, floors and ceilings. Female bed bugs lay eggs almost continuously provided they have access to blood meal. Bed bug invasion can be irritating, thus knowing how to eradicate them is essential. Here are a few ways to get rid of bed bugs infestations.

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Spray the bedbugs dead!

where to get bed bug sprayBed bugs are often present in suitcases, boxes and shoes. They also hide behind baseboards, crevices, folded areas of beds, beds and adjacent furniture, particularly mattresses and box springs. Examine cracks and crevices of your bed frames; especially if your frame is wood.

Spray these areas with the bed bug spray several times. There are more bed bugs in these areas than you probably think. Therefore, be sure to spray your mattress 3 to 4 times. Alternatively, place a bedbug proof mattress cover on the infested mattress to trap bed bugs inside then starve them to death. Bed bug sprays can be hard to find though, so you might have to do a lengthy search to get something effective.

Launder infested items to prevent more bed bugs

The second measure that will allow you to get rid of bed bugs is through laundering the settled places. Launder infested areas with water of above 120 degrees F the linen as well as the garments that may have been infested. If garments can’t be laundered for some reason, use a cloth dryer to heat them until they are free of bed bugs. The other method that can be used is to wrap the clothes with the plastic bag and then to keep them in the sun for several days. Low temperature below 32 degrees F is also fatal to bed bugs.

Drop Some Steam on them Bedbugs

The use of steam is one among the most successful ways of getting rid of bed bugs. Pointing steam on places invaded by bed bugs will kill them and the eggs waiting to hatch. Dark corners in your room should be your prime target when spraying the steam. This will make sure that everything is clean again and if there is any left alive this will surely kill them off. Get a device capable of generating steam at the nearest hardware store. You may also want to use an electrical kettle to generate steam and then directing it to the infested areas.

Vacuum the house to eliminate bedbug eggs

The other step in this process is to vacuum your house everywhere in a methodical and thorough manner. This has to include soft furnishings and the house so that some bed bugs can be physically removed. Even such weird places as alarm clocks, smoke alarms and light switches should be carefully checked. Whilst vacuuming the suction opening could be applied to infested areas, the use of rough brush is effective. Be sure to empty your vacuum cleaner of dirt contents into a plastic bag and cover it soon after completing this task.

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If you are unlucky enough to have had bed bugs invade your house, you need them gone today. It can be challenging to learn how to get rid of a bed bug infestation. We hope this article will help you get rid of them today.

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