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What Is Your Landlord Doing About The Bedbug Problem?

cleveland ohio bed bugsThe bedbug problem has continued to grow in the modern world. These pesky insects are invading homes in hundreds and wreaking havoc in so many people’s lives. Their versatility and adaptive ness, coupled with a fast rate of reproduction are what make them so easy to spread. The shape and size of a bedbug is identical to an apple seed. They are also dorsa-ventrally flattened meaning they can crawl up and hide in between the clothes in a suitcase even as you travel.

Bedbugs pack a mean bite
that hurts even the morning after you have been bitten. The bites from bedbugs leave behind some ugly scars. In recent times, there have been a huge population of bedbug in rental houses and units. And in these same units the tenants are complaining and even moving out of the rental houses due to the apparent negligence by the landlords.

Cleveland ranked #1 in bedbugs

Out of all the cities in the America, Cleveland is ranked first in bedbug infestation. Globally it never misses in the top 15 lists. The tenants are the main victims of these nasty insects and have been fighting them for a decade.

The tenants of Abbeyshire Apartments in particular have been suffering under the influence of these pesky insects. The fight has been going on for quite some time. A three-year tenant, Mary Long, has a lot of bite marks to show for her extended stay on the premises. She claims to have spent over $800 on exterminators to get rid of the problem to no avail. They just kept coming back. She says that the management was made aware of that situation since the month of July but the only measures they have put in place is to send more exterminators.

The situation in Cleveland is so bad that the Department of Public health has compiled a comprehensive guide for both tenants and homeowners on how to best deal with the bed bug menace. They have even launched an assistance program for elder people to aid their seniors and elder people to deal with the issue. Even as landlords try to stop bed bugs, the public and government both have a bigger role to play in combating this menace.

Saline County Landlord fights bed bugs

In Saline County, another landlord sought for guidance on how to deal with the bedbug menace. He told the county commission that the problem can only be addressed once it has been known. This is because if the problem is unknown and the tenant is forced to move, the bed-bugs move along with them. The landlord said that the exterminators used an array of chemicals to treat the bedbugs inside the house. As for the furniture, the exterminators use heat. They put the furniture in a tent and baked them at 140 degrees.

But the costs are often to high to effectively overcome a wide-reaching infestation at an apartment complex or group housing project, and would bankrupt most landlords or property management companies.

Doesn’t get better for cimex lectularius in Cincinnati

The situation does not get better in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company Terminix, a termite and pest Control Company, ranked it number 2 in the 20 cities that it covered that have the most bedbug infestations. The experts are not sure the reason behind the rapid increase in bedbug population in the last decade.


The bedbugs should be addressed at the root cause.
To detect the presence of bedbugs, look out for reddish brown spots on your bedding and mattresses. You will also notice a rather musty smell and, of course, spotting the bedbugs themselves and their bites. When you notice the above, notify your landlord and call for exterminators.

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